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The Yoga of Embodiment [pdf]
– Jane’s thesis, written in 2002, and submitted for an M.A. in Counseling/Depth Psychology.

The Yoga Loft, San Francisco
The Yoga Loft was founded in 2002 by Jane House and Meg Whitbread with an intention to create a home for ‘The Yoga of Embodiment’ in the heart of San Francisco. Over the years, The Yoga Loft has grown into one of California’s most beloved yoga schools. “The Loft” has become a home-base for the city’s most authentic teachers. It is a place where evolutionary relationships are formed and every time you walk up the stairs, you are bound hear stunning amounts of laughter.

Jane’s Primary Teachers:
Sofia Diaz
Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten
Tony Briggs

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The Yoga Loft, San Francisco, CA
Hale Mind & Body, Nashville, TN

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The New Love Story & Your Spine

Last night, my husband and I were tricked into date-night. Since I had been planning to teach a class, I had a sitter lined up and everything. But my scheduling was off, and so we decided to jet out for a movie that I have had my eye on for weeks, Snow White and The Huntsmen. I won’t give the greatness of the movie away, but I will share one line which, for me, sums up pretty-much ALL that we are working on in our practice.

Gazing into the eyes of the Evil Queen (who is dying from vanity and narcissism), Snow White declares, “YOU CANNOT HAVE MY HEART.”
And there it is friends, the paradigm shift!

I am keeping my heart in my body, thank you.

We have been taught, in our culture, that love is about giving our hearts away. We have also been taught to forego the hard work of finding our own spines. After all , if we found them, all upright and easy, our hearts would have the lovely opportunity to rest. Imagine that?!?

But instead, we are taught to rest into the ‘spines’ of things other than ourselves: institutions, lovers, gurus, belief systems, whatever works. Our spines become torked and shlunky and our hearts, with nothing to rest into, harden. They can’t work freely this way.

Maybe that’s why it’s been so easy to give them away.

Good news though! Have you noticed that we are moving toward a new love story? Here’s how it goes: with each breath and with each small decision to stay inside my body, I get here a little bit more. Where? Here! Here.


Now. In this body. In this room, with these people, this job to do. Breath by breath, I am falling in love with being Right Hereno matter what it looks like.

The new love story is about falling in LOVE with Being Here– in your body, on planet Earth.

Posted June 10th, 2012
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