“Jane’s wisdom of alignment, awareness, authenticity and gravity is woven into her yoga teachings. Deeply infused in my body, it informs the way I stand, how I approach each day, the life I bring to my work, and the patience I hold with my children.”
– Kara Jo Engelbrecht, Student Midwife
“In the 25 years I have been practicing yoga I’ve never encountered a teacher so artful. Jane is the most creative, alive, psychologically astute, related and authentic teacher. She is truly holistic– not afraid to help folks bring real life issues to the mat. She taught me a kind of strength and power that is wholly based in love.”
– Delfina Piretti, MFT
“Although Jane has some of the most inspired asana sequences I’ve experienced, what I really learned in her class was to live fearlessly, always reaching out into the world while keeping your feet firmly planted into the ground.”
– Karen Lo, Doctoral Candidate/Teacher
“She leaves any rigidity or dogma commonly associated with yoga behind.”
– Julia Dyett, Nurse Practitioner
Private Sessions

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”
– Walt Whitman

Because each body is particular and unique, yoga is best taught in an individual way. Private instruction allows you to work at your own pace, address your personal goals, and/or simply enjoy the convenience of yoga in your own home (or a quiet studio). A personal yoga practice is great for:

Absolute Beginners
Private sessions are extremely helpful for students new to yoga who would like to learn the basics and develop a foundation for practice in a safe environment before attending public classes. All bodies are able and all bodies are welcome.

The evolution of change within a woman’s body often calls for a more personal and particular approach to practice. Over the years, I have had the privilege to lead small groups of women and individuals through seasons of life such as pregnancy, post partum, and menopause. Sometimes, women prefer to organize in small groups of friends to practice together in the privacy of their own homes.

Yoga is particularly beneficial for people experiencing physical injury, postural imbalance, back pain, anxiety or depression, and breathing difficulties. Yoga is very helpful to those who are recovering from surgery or hoping to prevent surgery altogether.

Rates :
Individual Private Session (60-75minutes): $105
2 Person Private Session (75 minutes) $125
3-4 Person Private Session (75 minutes) $150