“Jane’s wisdom of alignment, awareness, authenticity and gravity is woven into her yoga teachings. Deeply infused in my body, it informs the way I stand, how I approach each day, the life I bring to my work, and the patience I hold with my children.”
– Kara Jo Engelbrecht, Student Midwife

“In the 25 years I have been practicing yoga I’ve never encountered a teacher so artful. Jane is the most creative, alive, psychologically astute, related and authentic teacher. She is truly holistic– not afraid to help folks bring real life issues to the mat. She taught me a kind of strength and power that is wholly based in love.”
– Delfina Piretti, MFT

“Although Jane has some of the most inspired asana sequences I’ve experienced, what I really learned in her class was to live fearlessly, always reaching out into the world while keeping your feet firmly planted into the ground.”
– Karen Lo, Doctoral Candidate/Teacher

“She leaves any rigidity or dogma commonly associated with yoga behind.”
– Julia Dyett, Nurse Practitioner


Private Sessions

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”
– Walt Whitman

I offer 60 minute on and/or off-the-mat sessions for individuals via zoom or in the studio. For students new and old, this time holds open a space for you to explore your relationship to being here- on planet earth, in this particular body, in this moment of time. We use breath, movement, conversation, imagery, and non-dominant-hand writing to dive deeply into bodily experience in order to tell the truth about who we are today, and who we are becoming.

Private sessions allow you to work more personally and at your own pace. The practice we engage is wonderful for:

  • beginners: you are starting to suspect that movement, breath & the body itself might offer a gateway to greater freedom.
  • nature lovers: you want more feeling/less thinking and you find popular, mechanical exercise classes mind-numbing and kind of sad.
  • trauma healing: there is a bodily texture (personal, familial, generational, cultural) that you are ready to drop.
  • therapeutics: you are curious about why this particular symptom or place in your body is taking up so much of your attention.
  • men/women: you are anxious, depressed, lonely, tight, addicted…or just plain tired of running.
  • women: you are rolling through pregnancy, post partum, menopause, motherhood, aging. You just want to feel good and laugh more.

Rates :
Individual Private Session
60 minutes: $150

  • Venmo @Jane-House/Paypal: janehouse18@gmail.com.