House Yoga

Tongue on the upper palette…
Ask your jaw to soften.
(She takes her damn time.)
Movement is a collective art that is
not about control, or perfecting something.

Your body will respond to image,
so much more happily than it ever pretends to like instruction.
Color, texture, memory, dream….

Your body, a great ocean,
hipped up with jewels…
Containing sea vaults.

Allow for micro-movements-
Wiggle, roll.
Your pelvis is your true skull.
Now, tell the truth.
The truth will walk you home.
Back to your heart.
Songs work too. Sound.
Your innocent heart rides free on the verticality wanted by your spine.

Build your own darn house,
from the inside out.

Live (in your home)

Take care of (your home).

Love (your home) .

Jane House
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