“Jane is a master teacher sent to us from the stars. There’s nobody like her. She’s a soul teacher as much as a yoga teacher. Her class gives you a space to play around inside yourself. I realize afterward that I’m in here, really in here.”
-Minton Sparks, Nashville TN

“I’ve been practicing with Jane for five years, and it has quite literally changed my life. In developing a deeper relationship with my body, I have changed the way that I relate to everything else in the world. Jane’s yoga is an integration of exercise, therapy, spirituality, and poetry. If you’re weary from posing and ready for transforming, then this is the place that has been created for you.
-Kim, Nashville TN

“Jane’s teaching is accessible for all bodies and absolutely vital to the times in which we are living. Her style is rooted in ancient wisdom and completely relevant for what is happening right NOW.
-Lauren Brown, MFT, San Francisco 

“What I loved about Jane’s classes was that they were a whole experience of internal, physical, spiritual, personal and collective movement. Every class was different, and alive and fun, and deep. It was such a great way to start my day. There was a feeling of community in our classes with Jane. We loved to stay afterwards and visit with each other. My body got so strong from being in her classes. My posture changed. I opened.”
-Piper Makepeace, San Francisco


About Jane

Jane holds a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she completed her thesis titled “The Yoga of Embodiment”.  In 2001, Jane founded a yoga school in San Francisco, The Yoga Loft, that became her home for teaching and learning for nearly a decade. For twenty years, Jane has studied with master teachers Angela Farmer, Tony Briggs & Sofia Diaz and has unfolded her own practice that works to serve body, mind & soul – a gentle, self-guided approach to movement and breath that aims to wake up the body’s most intuitive and self-healing processes. Jane continues working to empower individuals and communities toward healing, embodiment, laughter and play. Jane currently resides in Connecticut with her husband Griffin and their two daughters, Emma and Clara.

“Devoted to the life-affirming process of yoga, Jane’s teaching is a rich integration of the classical teachings and disciplines of Hatha Yoga with a more creative exploration of one’s relationship to Self. Jane’s extensive background in body-oriented therapy and classical Hatha Yoga merge to offer a holistic approach to practice that facilitates health and wholeness on all levels of being.”
– Angela Farmer, Master Teacher- Lesvos, Greece

Jane’s Work:
The Yoga of Embodiment [pdf]
– Jane’s thesis, written in 2002, and submitted for an M.A. in Counseling/Depth Psychology.